Finding The Latest Speakup Colonel?

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Sun Jan 9 01:16:16 EST 2011

Hart wrote:
> OK, I am now running Debian Testing Squeeze 2.6.32  However, I would
> like to upgrade to this latest 2.6.37, but where will I find it?
> Is their something I can type in apt-get or do I need other repos?

Greg wrote:
> I could be wrong, but you'll most likely have to get the
> source from, and build your own. 

Maybe I'm getting old and risk-averse, but I would recommend
_against_ building your own kernel on a debian system.  Most packages
especially the kernel will become unupgradable and in a few months
or weeks time you'll save your $HOME, format the discs and reinstall
from bare metal. I'd recommend staying within one consistent debian
setup; if you want 2.6.37 ASAP, then upgrade from Testing to Unstable
and be a bit patient. Unstable's not so bad; some days some things
might not work, but they'll work again after the next upgrade.

Just MHO,
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