Just used new talking arch iso to install on vmware fusion

Littlefield, Tyler tyler at tysdomain.com
Sun Aug 21 23:30:59 EDT 2011

Totally unrelated, but did you pay for fusion? I think it costs money, 
but I was thinking about trying to find something that is accessible so 
I can load up xp on my mac and use it for testing.
On 8/21/2011 9:30 PM, Cheryl Ann Homiak wrote:
> Hi all.
> I just used the x86 version of the new talking arch iso to install 
> linux on my mid-2007 model mac mini in vmware fusion 3.1. I have both 
> braille and speakup running. I really liked Arch when I tried it on a 
> couple of laptops but was worried about not getting the fan control 
> right as the temperatures were going up on them so I reinstalled 
> debian on those and hadn't gotten around to sorting out that issue. I 
> figured this wouldn't be problem within vmware fusion since it's a 
> virtual machine and the system shouldn't be running the fan.
> Of course vmware didn't recognize the cd but I pressed "continue" 
> anyway and then "save" after the steps of creating a new virtual 
> machine. The iso loaded and I hit enter and came to the prompt with 
> speech. From there, I followed all the steps just as if I was going to 
> do an actual install on a computer instead of  as a vm.
> I did get one error about locale-gen not running but I went ahead 
> figuring I could fix that after installation if it was a problem but 
> everything appears to be fine.
> So now, on my mac mini, I have access to Mac OS X Lion, Windows XP and 
> arch linux through vmware fusion, plus Macports and fink (though fink 
> hasn't gained back all of its packages after the changes caused by 
> Lion). Not only that: when I back up my Mac system with superduper, it 
> gives me a fully-bootable system, including fully duplicated and 
> working virtual machines. At any rate, I just wanted people to know 
> that you can use the arch linux iso for vmware fusion. I had done this 
> a few years ago with debian and vmware 1.1 but I had problems with 
> braille using my usbserial cable at the time. I'm not having problems 
> so far this time around.


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