new TalkingArch ISOs are here!

Christopher Brannon chris at
Sun Aug 21 14:45:39 EDT 2011

Hi list,
I'm proud to announce the latest edition of my TalkingArch project.
TalkingArch consists of modified Arch Linux ISO images, customized
for the blind.  Both Speakup and Brltty are provided.
Assuming that there are no issues with your sound card, your machine
should start speaking as soon as TalkingArch finishes booting.
While it is typically used to install Arch Linux, it
also makes a handy rescue CD.
You may obtain TalkingArch from my website: <>.

TalkingArch is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Arch Linux.  I
created it for my own personal use, although I sincerely hope that
others will enjoy it.  TalkingArch comes with absolutely no warranty.
If it breaks, I'm sorry about your bad luck!

Finally, I'd like to express my appreciation for all of the kind words
and constructive feedback that people in the Speakup community have
given me over the years.  Please do keep it up!

-- Chris

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