Distros that include Speakup that are accessible to install

Keith Hinton keithint1234 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 13:40:05 EST 2010

Hi. I'm trying to figure out what distros of Linux are accessible to install
for the blind these days. Obviously, I know that there is the Talking Arch
installer net installation CD, wich is wonderful. I know GRML is another
LiveCD with Speakup that works. Just curious.
Something I was noticing about Speakup though.
It sometimes reads things twice.
For instance, if your selecting a fileSystem for Arch, you'll arrow around
with Highlight  tracking (and this is with the export
DIALOGOPTS='--visit-items') option enabled.
"Ext2 ext2. Ext3 ext 3." Does anyone know why Speakup does that?
Also, I'm wondering how Speakup obtains information that's visible and is
there any way to "redraw the screen" for it?
I'm curious if it pulls the information off the video card like the old DOS
days? Or something.
I know that Linux itself for even the GUI screen readers out there, doesn't
use an OSM. I'm curious therefore, what Speakup itself  uses.

Regards, --Keith
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