If bash can, why not Speakup?

pj at pjb.com.au pj at pjb.com.au
Wed Nov 17 18:23:29 EST 2010

Janina Sajka wrote:
> I've been happily using vim for years.

How do you cope with the endlessly-updating bottom line?, like:
 "497L, 15593C                             450,2         93%"

I find speakup is in general difficult with curses applications
because of their screen-update optimisation.  The characters
don't necessarily come out in a text-related order.

> My biggest complaint is that I need to be ultra-careful to
> track whether I'm in insert or command mode, i.e. it would
> sure help if Speakup could give me a differently pitched voice

Good point :-)  It might need some help from the vim folk...

Peter Billam

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