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      Centos is just a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I've never 
successfully patched Speakup into a Centos/RHEL kernel, although this 
might have changed. Even though I'm the maintainer of Speakup Modified 
Linux and intend to continue doing that, I can't actually recommend it 
unless you can get assistance reading the screen either remotely or locally 
during the installation.  I hope this will change in the future, but 
that's just a hope.  Why not try Debian.  I understand it can be installed 
in text mode and a big selling point for Debian is that, once installed, 
you don't ever have to re-install.  You just use the normal update tools 
to install a new version.  BTW, Fedora is moving toward this also, but I 
wouldn't recommend starting from F9.


           Bill in Denver

On Tue, 16 Nov 2010, Hart Larry wrote:

> Hi All:  Well, looks like `finally around December 03 I will have help in 
> upgrading my PC, including an OS?  1 of my tcsh experts is suggesting I try 
> Centos.  In running google searches, I see 2 postings in 2008 on this 
> subject. Has it become any easier installing Centos with Speakup?
> In looking over the centos site, I see nothing about screen-readers, so I 
> have no idea what's available?
> In considering an OS, I would want something which is not such a major 
> project to update versions.  Also, many times in fc9 yum does not find 
> dependancies, so I must manually find missing pieces.  Also in some cases 
> Fedora does not ship mp3 related software, such as certain SOX plugins.
> Would Centos accmplish these for me?  And I am still enjoying a DecTalk USB, 
> so would the drivers work in Centos?
> And lastly what about OCR packages with Centos?
> I look forward t reading your collective comments, so I can make the right 
> discision for me, as I am not a programmer, just a happy user.
> Thanks so much in advance
> Hart
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