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I'm a CPAN author and have recently been taking an interest in linux
for the visually impaired.  I'm mainly interested in setups using
speakup, and ebrowse or emacspeak.  One of my modules is Term::Clui
which offers a high-level user interface to give command-line
applications a consistent "look and feel".  Its metaphor for the
computer is as a human-like conversation-partner, and as each
question/response is completed, it gets summarised onto one line and
remains on-screen, so that the history of the session gradually
accumulates on the screen and is available for review, or for cut/paste.

Since version 1.60, a speaking interface is provided for the visually-
impaired user; it now works with either eflite or espeak.  Because
Term::Clui's metaphor for the computer is a conversation-partner,
this works naturally.  The application needs no modification.
Speech is turned on if the CLUI_SPEAK environment variable is
set to a non-empty string.  Since 1.62, if speakup is running,
it is silenced while Term::Clui runs, and then restored.

It doesn't use speech-dispatcher yet because that package doesn't
seem to work on my debian squeeze.

There is an equivalent Python3 module, with (as far as possible)
the same calling interface,
which you just have to copy into your PYTHONPATH.

I'd be glad to hear from perl-folk or python-folk about how
Term::Clui relates, in practice, to visually-impaired use...

Regards,  Peter Billam       pj at      (03) 6278 9410
"Was der Meister nicht kann,   vermöcht es der Knabe, hätt er
 ihm immer gehorcht?"   Siegfried to Mime, from Act 1 Scene 2

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