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I would like this as well, either through espeakup or speech-dispatcher
-- so far I have not found a software synth which will do readalldoc.

Rynhardt Kruger <rynkruger at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been trying to use the read all function (read_all_doc, 
> speakup+r) with espeakup. It just read the first sentence, and then 
> stops. From what i've been able to discover, espeakup isn't sending the 
> indexing information to speakup so that it can send it the next chunck 
> of text to speak. It workswith speechd-up, but speechd-up seams not to 
> be compleatly compatible with the newest speech-dispatcher (all 
> punctuation is spoken even if punct levels are on 0 and "caps" is said 
> before every capital in the text). My question is, is there any plans to 
> add the indexing feature to espeakup in the near future? I'm trying to 
> add it myself, but I don't know the espeakup code well enough.
> Take care,
> Rynhardt
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