ltlk issue again

William Hubbs w.d.hubbs at
Wed Apr 22 15:14:26 EDT 2009

Hi Cheryl,

I downloaded kernel version 2.6.29 from and installed speakup
into it.  Speakup is built in without modules, and I use the ltlk also.
grub is set up with speakup.synth=ltlk on the boot line.

I rebooted the computer and let speakup talk all the way through the
reboot until the login prompt came up, and it did not shut down.  Then,
I rebooted again, and hit numpad enter as soon as speakup started
talking.  Still, the login prompt came up with no issues.

Can you please give a very detailed, step by step explanation of what
you are doing to make this happen?  Also, you say that speakup stops and
you are unable to turn it on again.  Have you tried pressing print
screen?  When it stops, do you know if the computer is locked up or if
speakup is just not talking?



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