Ancient Domains of Mystery with Speakup

Zachary Kline klinez at
Mon Sep 29 13:23:07 EDT 2008

Hi All,
    I wonder if anybody has perhaps had any better luck with Ancient Domains 
of Mystery, or Adom, than I have.  It's a roguelike game which is available 
for Linux among other systems.
    My problem with it is that for whatever reason the messages appearing on 
the top line are run together when spoken, and sometimes aren't spoken at 
all.  This isn't the case in, say, Nethack.
    An example of how a message sounds to me would be: 
"Notwhileinthewilderness" or "Youneedspecialequipmenttoscalethosemountains." 
Granted, I can check for new messages at every turn, but I'd rather not have 
to do that, and it seems overly tedious.  I wonder if there's a simple 
explaination for why this is happening.
    For the record, I'm using Espeakup as my speech synthesizer with Speakup 
3.0.3 from Gentoo and Adom 1.1.1 binary, as sources aren't available.
Any help appreciated.

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