debian accessible installation

Kitty Litter n8kl at
Sat Sep 20 07:33:20 EDT 2008

Obviously it was my audapter speaking. It would be wonderful if the 
installer came up with software speech and I'm sure it's possible, all it 
would take is someone with enough knowledge and time to do it which ain't me 
I did ask on the list if anyone had successfully booted from the daily build 
around Sept. 15 and heard nothing.
So rather than crying in my beer about my broken system I reread the 
instructions and tried again.
Here is my  isolinux/f8.txt file for Sept. 15, 2008 daily build:


You can use the following boot parameters at the 0fboot:07 prompt,

in combination with the boot method (see <09F307>). These parameters

control how the installer works.



Verbose debugging 0fDEBCONF_DEBUG=507

Debug boot sequence 0fBOOT_DEBUG=2|307

Disable framebuffer 0ffb=false07

Don't start PCMCIA 0fhw-detect/start_pcmcia=false07

Force static network config 0fnetcfg/disable_dhcp=true07

Set keyboard map 0fbootkbd=es07

Use Braille tty 0fbrltty=driver,device,texttable07

Use Speakup (graphical install only) 0fspeakup.synth=driver07

Use high contrast accessibility theme 0ftheme=dark07

Select the kde or xfce desktops 0fdesktop=kde07

For example:

boot: install fb=false

Press F1control and F then 1 for the help index, or ENTER to

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