State of accessibility on BSD systems

Kerry Hoath kerry at
Fri Sep 19 21:31:00 EDT 2008

As far as I know there is no support for speakup under any of the **bsd 
operating systems.

Some of the softsynths might compile however the primary development 
environment for many of them is Linux.
Espeak should build and run if BSD has portaudio although I am not sure on 

Orca is part of gnome, and should also function, not sure how well however.

There are a few blind people who use bsd styel operating systems, however 
those I know use telnet or ssh to access the machines from Windows.

OSX of course has voiceover.
Regards, Kerry.

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I would apreciate some info on screen readers and speech synthesisers,
preferably soft synths, running on FreeBSD or other BSD variants,
whether in a console or a graphical environment.

Is there any blind user that uses FreeBSD for personal dayly
Is it possible to install it without sighted assistance?

Many thanks
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