lots of problems solved: my life story

Tyler Littlefield tyler at tysdomain.com
Wed Nov 26 16:53:20 EST 2008

something I find extremely odd:
I am using smtp for my moo; their smtp and pop accounts are both 
pop.bla.qwest.com (where bla==the zone).

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> Hi. In addition to having the static IP, if you have your own domain, 
> Qwest will even do a reverse dns for your static IP. When I was in Denver, 
> I did this with them and it was fantabulous.
> Tyler Littlefield said the following on 11/26/2008 4:43 PM:
>> Hello,
>> If you all remember, I was having issues with mail, I left it for a while 
>> and decided to return to playing with it.
>> According to my logs, some servers block dynamic IP addresses, and I was 
>> refered to a site that confirmed as much.
>> On this site I was also told that:
>> a, dynamic IP addresses were blocked from sending mail,
>> b, I had to use the Qwest smtp server.
>> So, I called up tech support and actually for once in my life found 
>> someone who sounded like they new what they were talking about.
>> We covered the problems with my modem, and got to briding the modem and 
>> using my linxsys which I want to put open wrt on anyway as the real 
>> router, which I am going to end up doing sometime when I have the time to 
>> play with it.
>> Then he told me that qwest didn't supply smtp to "home" customers, 
>> (shocking!), and my only bet was a static IP.
>> So, I obtained the static IP, and lots of things (including mail) are now 
>> in working order.
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