more stuff about installing from memory stick

Kitty Litter n8kl at
Sat Nov 15 17:33:27 EST 2008

I talked to Kirk about this the other day and among other things he insists 
that if I copied the .iso image to the stick with dd if=blah of=blah it 
would boot. Well, my computer won't recognize the stick as bootable when I 
do this, it goes to the next boot device which is the normal hard disk. I 
also tried reformatting the stick with ext2 and grub and syslinux but 
couldn't get it to boot. Vfat and syslinux is the only thing that will boot. 
Even if I load the loop module from busybox before doing any steps of the 
install, The .iso file I previously put in the root of the stick doesn't get 
mounted unless I do it from the shell. I really don't feel qualified to file 
a good bug report on this. Obviously this was never really tested, maybe 
it's something they hoped would work, who knows. So how about asking them to 
at least include loop.ko in initrd.gz? If they should come up with a fix I 
would be more than happy to try it. Is it possible to be more than happy?

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