backup apparently not working

Kerry Hoath kerry at
Fri Nov 7 18:32:02 EST 2008

Is HOME set correctly in the crontab?

Regards, Kerry.

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Subject: backup apparently not working

> Hello,
> First. I've partially figured out the problem.
> It's throwing a fit about removing leading slash.
> second, I've got the following line in a script:
> tar -czvf ~/backups/valiant/`date '+%m-%d-%Y_%H'`.tar.gz 
> ~/valiant/moo/db.db
> when I ran that from the command line, it worked. when I tried to run it 
> from a script, it "cowardly refused to create an empty archive," and then 
> decided to try to run every file in my directory, it looks like.
> Ideas?
> Thanks,
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