gmail and all that.

Ralph W. Reid rreid at
Wed Jan 30 12:53:17 EST 2008

Just a little suggestion; you might want to look at your audio needs
next.  I do not know what your needs are there, but I have managed to
fullfill all of my audio needs (playing, riffing, listening to
streaming, etc.) on LINUX.  This is just a _little_ suggestion.

I'm glad your email is now working :) .

HTH, and have a great day.

On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 08:10:57PM -0500, dan Murphy wrote:
> thanks to C. M. brannon for help with my earlier questions.  I got getmail 
> working and so now I can use my Linux machine for all my email needs. 
> About the only thing I really need to use windows for is some audio and my 
> on-line banking.  this is great.

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