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Wed Jan 30 08:21:36 EST 2008

Watch out for such deals -- you may never be able to upgrade the
version you get from that carrier.  Talks is not bad, the 6682 is an
older phone, and if you try to use the internet, it will be quite slow
-- about twice dialup speed.

Hope this helps.

on Wednesday 01/30/2008 michelle.mcquigge at at wrote
 > Hello all,
 > I am brand new to the list and must apologize if my question is too  
 > off-topic. Please let me know if you'd rather I take this discussion  
 > elsewhere.
 > I am seriously looking at buying the Nokia 6682RVI cell phone that has  
 > the TALKS software preinstalled. My wireless carrier has a deal  
 > whereby the cost of TALKS is covered 100%, though for the life of me I  
 > can't find which version they've installed. I'm wondering if anyone  
 > has used this phone/software combo and what their experience has been.  
 > Failing that, I'd be interested in feedback on the TALKS software in  
 > general. As the phone was released last year, I suspect we're looking  
 > at reasonably recent versions.
 > Many thanks fo ryour help.
 > Michelle
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