Fetchmail.rc question

Gaijin gaijin at clearwire.net
Wed Jan 30 00:07:36 EST 2008

On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 04:06:45PM -0500, dan Murphy wrote:
> Does anyone know how a .fetchmail.rc file would be written to access 
> gmail?  I saw some discussion about that here last fall, but didn't take 
> note of it.

	Here's my fetchmailrc file with the password  blanked:

# Configuration created Fri Jan 11 08:57:08 2002 by fetchmailconf
set postmaster "postmaster"
set bouncemail
set no spambounce
set properties ""
poll mail.clearwire.net with proto POP3
  user 'gaijin' there with password '****' is 'gaijin' here

	It's pretty easy to follow, and 'man fetchmailrc' should give
you a good idea of what the settings are all about.  HTH,


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