Fetchmail.rc question

dan Murphy mweeby at verizon.net
Tue Jan 29 17:39:48 EST 2008

thanks much.  I have looked at getmail but never got it running 
successfully.  this may help me with that, and also if I deside to stay 
with fetchmail I can make the necessary changes.
thanks again.
On Tue, 29 Jan 2008, C.M. 
Brannon wrote:

> dan Murphy <mweeby at verizon.net> writes:
>> Does anyone know how a .fetchmail.rc file would be written to access
>> gmail?  I saw some discussion about that here last fall, but didn't take
>> note of it.
> gmail uses pop3, so you'd use the same style of .fetchmailrc that you
> use with any other pop3 provider.  gmail also supports pop3 over SSL /
> TLS, and I use that instead of plain old unencrypted pop3.
> You may also have to enable POP in your gmail settings page, if it isn't
> already enabled.
> Personally, I use getmail instead of fetchmail.  It's less
> complicated, doesn't require an SMTP server, and is written in
> python.  Fetchmail is written in C, and there are plenty of exploits
> for it.  Here's a copy of my .getmailrc file:
> ===begin getmailrc===
> [options]
> delete = 1
> [retriever]
> type = SimplePOP3SSLRetriever
> server = pop.gmail.com
> username = cmbrannon79
> password = VerySecretPassword
> [destination]
> type = MDA_external
> path = /usr/bin/procmail
> arguments = ("-f", "%(sender)")
> user = chrbran
> ===end getmailrc===
> Most of this should be pretty self-explanatory.  The [destination]
> section of the config file tells getmail to pass incoming messages to
> procmail, delivering them to chrbran (which is the name of my user
> account).
> This should all translate nicely to fetchmailrc syntax, if need be.
> HTH,
> -- Chris
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