speech-dispatcher crashing with nothing in log

Rynhardt P Kruger rkruger at gawab.com
Mon Jan 21 14:54:48 EST 2008

Hi hynek,

By nothing in the log file I ment that there isn't something in the log that can give me a clue about what the error
is. I have after my prev message, increased the loglevel to 5 and turned debuging in the espeak-generic module on, but
strangely it didn't crash after that! *smile*
But as I said in my prev message, it happens with verying intervals, so if it isn't over its problem, (which is
logicley correct, but I really hope it is), it will crash again and I will send you the two files.



* Hynek Hanke <hanke at brailcom.org> [080121 17:44]:
> Rynhardt P Kruger wrote:
> > I have a strange problem on my grml 1.1 rc1 box.
> > Often speech-dispatcher will crash, with nothing in the log and no message on the console.
> Hello Runhardt,
> what exactly do you mean by ,,nothing in the log''? Do you mean
> there is no clear reason for the crash at the end of the log file
> or do you mean that the logfile has 0 bytes?
> In the first case, please increase the LogLevel in speechd.conf to 5, switch
> Debug to 1 (and remove the # comment character) in espeak.conf or whatever
> module you are using and send me speechd.log and espeak.log to
> hanke at brailcom.org (not the list since it will be big file), perhaps
> we can deduce something.
> If you really mean the logfile is totally empty, then there must
> be some path or permission problem. Please write where do you
> expect the log to be, how do you run speechd and
> what is the result of ls -l speechd.log .
> Thank you,
> Hynek
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