speech-dispatcher crashing with nothing in log

Michael Whapples mwhapples at aim.com
Sun Jan 20 10:14:49 EST 2008

This sounds quite odd. Firstly I would suggest using the espeak specific
module rather than the espeak generic one, I did find that sometimes
there could be problems with speech-dispatcher crashing with the generic
one. I have only had one crash of speech-dispatcher since changing to
the espeak specific module, and that one I couldn't track down as there
wasn't enough information in the log files and as it hasn't happened
since it is too rare to be able to catch by altering the log level. As
you seem to get crashes so regular, you should be able to get it to
happen when you raise the log level. Also make sure that the modules you
are using/have enabled also have a high log level. Also on this topic,
disable any modules you don't need, this can affect stability.

After trying the last suggestion does the problem go away? if not does
raising the log levels reveal any hint as to what the problem is?

Michael Whapples
On Sat, 2008-01-19 at 12:12 +0200, Rynhardt P Kruger wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a strange problem on my grml 1.1 rc1 box.
> Often speech-dispatcher will crash, with nothing in the log and no message on the console. It just did it again while I 
> was typing the previous sentence. When that happen, I have to killall speechd-up and than start speech-dispatcher and 
> speechd-up again.
> This is a really annoying problem, it happens with verying intervals and mostly when speakup is saying something. 
> I am running speech-dispatcher 0.6.5 and speechd-up from the cvs tarball. I am using the espeak-generic module although 
> it happens with the espeak and flite modules too. It just did it again at the prier sentence!
> Please help me, I can't use my computer fully with this anoying problem.
> Thanks for any help in advance.
> Rynhardt 

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