quick basic, maybe silly queston?

Glenn Ervin GlennErvin at cableone.net
Thu Jan 17 18:46:21 EST 2008

Too bad that nobody has developed a good software synth for DOS.
I messed with SbTalker, long, long ago, but that did not work all that well.

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Another tantalizing option, imho, would be to run FreeDOS from within a
Linux installation. I believe it should be possible to set FreeDOS up to
use asap, vocal-eyes, or prodos, etc.

This is on my list of things to
look at, if and when I can get around to it, because of a need to flash
devices, like my laptop's bios, using a DOS executable. Unfortunately,
it's a low priority, and I've only come as far as reading the FreeDOS
installation docs.


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