get-fed script

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Tue Nov 27 23:57:46 EST 2007

If this script works it will download a new speakup-enabled fedora disk 
set from and burn each disk after each gets 
downloaded.  The script needs a version number in werewolf's case 8 is the 
right answer and it needs to know the number of disks in the set.  A disk 
set the way I have the script built now does not include rescuecd's or 
boot cd's or src cd's but does include the isos.  If the same number of 
images for werewolf was used as moonshine the right answer would be 5 for 
this prompt.  I have an fs=204M value set on the wodim burn line since 
this machine has 414M and I've read and found by experience offering about 
a half of a machine's memory helps burning go faster and more trouble 
free.  This script hasn't yet been tested over here yet I'll probably do 
that later this week.
Cut here:

# File: get-fed - get and burn fedora disks
echo -n 'what speakup-enabled version of fedora is to be downloaded? '
read version
echo -n 'how many disks are in the set? '
read diskmax
echo 'put new cd$diskcount of $diskmax in cdburner for fedora$version then hit return:'
wget -b$version/Fedora/i386/iso/F-$version-i386-disc$diskcount.iso &
sleep 1 &
echo "ready to burn disc$diskcount?" &
read &
wodim -dev=/dev/cdrom -eject -dao \$HOME/F-$version-i386-disc$diskcount.iso fs=204M &
sleep 1 &
diskcount++ &
until diskcount>diskmax
sleep 1 &
echo "download and burn job done."

Cut here.

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