help with xfce please...

tony seth lp800 at
Tue Nov 27 21:57:46 EST 2007

Hi all:  I'm using the cholesterol free desktop environment on 
slackware 11.0, and have noticed that as root, when I run 'startx' it 
works just fine, but if I run 'startx' as a user, I get and x-term 
window.  I've looked all over to find a way to change this, and have 
had no luck... can anyone suggest where I might look next or what I can 
do about it?  I don't have a lot of memory on this box so can't use 
gnome, which I could never get to speak under slackware anyway, but the 
games I play do work as root, I just don't want to have to log in as 
root to do it if I don't have to... ya know what they say about taking 
the name of root in vain... (g)
Thanks much all...
Ps:  just for the curious, the games i refer to are AudioQuake, and Sound RTS.

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