speakup and speech interrupt

Nick Stockton nstockton at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 10:16:43 EST 2007

Hey I was just wondering if speakup has a way to interrupt the speech using 
some sort of command.
I ask this because I like to use Linux to play mud games using a Linux 
client named Powwow.
Powwow can run external programs while you are playing your mud so I would 
like to be able to make triggers that interrupt speakup's reading of the 
screen like when you press the control key on the keyboard.
I'd also like to be able to optionally pass thru a message for it to speak 
just after it interrupts and before it starts reading new text printed to 
the screen.
I know in windows jaws and windoweyes can do this with their APIs but I did 
not know if speakup could do speech interrupting.
If not then maybe a way it could be done would be to make a file in proc and 
when ever the file gets written to speech is interrupted and what ever text 
is written to it gets spoken before speakup starts reading new output.

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