Missing my PC speaker

Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Sun Nov 25 11:09:04 EST 2007

Hi Garrett:  You can easily take the speaker out of your old box and
put it in the new.  The speakers are just plugged in with a two or
three wire plastic jack that usually plugs in to the mother board at
the front left corner if you have the slots pointing away from you at
the back.  I'll leave the orientation for your box to your mental
manipulation.  The speaker is almost always clipped to the case in a
set of three little tangs which it is slid into.  Some times they're
glued but not most of the time.  You may have clips already provided
in your new case but if not you can just stick the speaker on to the
bottom or side with the magnet on the speaker.  They are pretty strong
little magnets typically.  You may need to have a sighty find the pins
on your new mother board for the speaker and there may be more or less
than the same number of pins than your speaker has wires but most of
the time the plastic plug has an extra hole or two anyway.  If there
are two wires it doesn't matter which way it is plugged in.


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