Laptop recommendations?

Hurst, Cody churst35 at
Sat Nov 24 02:52:46 EST 2007

Yup Dell is nice enough to do that. If you are lucky you might even get 
wirelesss to work out of the box..

good luck,

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> On Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 09:43:25PM -0800, Hurst, Cody wrote:
>> Anything without an Nvidia video card should do what you are looking for.
>> Not an hp because that is what I have and ubuntu never booted and 
>> installed
> Thanks, Cody.   Kinda sounds like my ATI All-In-Wonder card in my last
> system.  Used the VESA driver to get it to work, and could never get the
> bttv system running.  Since my last email, I've been checking out a Dell
> Inspiron that's being sold for $600 with Ubuntoo pre-installed.  I can
> see that it's a Core-2 Duo, and has an 80G hard drive, and that's about
> it until I can call their 800 number and find out more.  The details
> page on the thing wasn't coming up.  I wouldn't know a line across the
> screen if it came up and slapped me in the face, so...anyway, if X11 
> starts, it won't matter if the screen displays anything. <grins>  I've 
> been hearing abourt NVidia cards.  Thanks for the additional reminder.  I 
> may just break down and get the dell if it has a serial port.  Thank you 
> for the info,
> Michael
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