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Hi people,

You might be interested in a little program derived from parts of
wedit, my wave editor, and soap, my self organizing audio player. This
one is called WR, the Wave Reader. It recognizes the same 25 audio
formats as wedit, plus plain text files. It converts each file to wave
format with the same set of nine helpers as wedit, plus a call to
either flite or a cepstral voice for the TTS operation on text files.
WR lets you navigate through a playlist of files, and also lets you
navigate while listening to a file. It saves your place in a log file
if you terminate before the end of the file, and returns to the same
place later if you want it to. It does not have to store an entire
converted wave file in memory, but pages through a large file if
necessary. It will not change any input file given to it.

The program is available in a tarball which you must compile and
install, and can be found at:

If you don't have all nine helper applications installed on your
system, you will not be able to access some of the 25 formats. WR
automatically looks for the helpers when it runs, and will simply go
ahead with the ones it finds. It does assume the presence of alsa on
your system.

My thanks to Paul (paulmigs) for his assistance and patience in the
design and testing of WR. Hope you find it useful. If it doesn't work
for you, let me know. If it can't be made to work, you get your money


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