FC 8 Questions

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	No I do not want to do any such thing.  I do not see an explanation
of how to apply the patch.  I have never used an RPM before.  I did not se
any information about what to do after one finishes doing the fc8 telnet
install.  I do not know what to do after it is installed.    Thank you for
any help  

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The SpeakupModified already provides kernels for Fedora 8 patched with
Speakup. We provide them as standard Fedora rpm files to make
installation easy for you. Is there some particular reason you think you
need to roll your own, instead? If so, get ready for a very steep
learning curve and a lot of frustration. I will back out of the way, if
you're really just into learning to patch and build kernels. But, if you
just want a talking Werewolf, that's much easier and we will help.


Scott Ford writes:
> Hello Everyone,
> 	I am an inexperienced Linux user, so I need things spelled out
> explicitly.  I would like to install Werewolf, fc 8 i86 64bit if possible.
> I do not know how to patch a kernel, would someone know where I could read
> how to on patching fc8 with Speakup?  I am assuming the following is the
> process for getting a patched fc8  up and running  could someone confirm
> that I am correct with my assumptions?
> First I would just go and download the FC8 from the repository?
> Next I would do the telnet install as per the telnet how to.
> Finally I would telnet into the machine after the reboot, and patch the
> kernel with the Speakup patch?
> Thank you for any help.
> Scott
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