Fedora questions

Scott Ford scotte.ford at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 17:54:49 EST 2007

Hello Yall,
	I was able to get a fedora 7.0 distribution up and running on my
dell 820.  I am having  trouble getting the network connections to work
though.  I have found information on how to do it.  I am not getting
anywhere fast though.  I have the Intel 3945 wireless chipset.  I also have
the Intel gigabit lan adapter.  I have attempted to download the source for
the wireless and compile, and install it.  I crashed in flames, the
instructions say that if it fails I have to compile the source into the
kernel.  I do not think that I am up to the task yet.  I thought "I should
get internet if I just plug in the lan cable" ho no not for me.  I guess my
question is do I have to install drivers for my network devices?  I have
been running distributions that auto detect and install this stuff for me.
I am just a little frustrated, I have done a lot of reading, however
everything that I am trying fails.  later

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