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I've read the howto you describe 6 or 7 years ago. At the time, all it
really talked about was a Polish-specific distro of debian. I
personally found that information interesting, but not really
useful. Perhaps that howto has changed since that time.

As for Michal's question, I don't have an answer for you, I certainly
never recall seeing a /proc/speakup/lang file at any time in speakup,
perhaps this is something specific to the apollo driver. 

I do have speakup /proc/speakup/characters, and /proc/speakup/chartab
modified to work with my bns in Polish. I however decided not to
release these mods, because they aren't perfect. The main problem is
that the Polish charset implemented by the bns as of the Sept. 20,
2000 ver a revision seems to be a mix of mostly cp1250, together with
some of cp852. What that means in terms of using it in speechbox mode
with speakup, is that there are some letters that have 2-3 ASCII
values mapped to the same letter. When listening to the bns, it's
possible for me to understand what it's saying, but that took some
getting used to, since the pronunciation definitely isn't what it
should be, because of the previously described issue.

As for necessary modifications to debian itself, I created a
Polish-specific user for me on the system, and put the following into
the user's $HOME/.bash_profile:

export LANGUAGE=pl_PL
export LANG=pl_PL
echo 12 >/proc/speakup/rate
cat $HOME/chartab >/proc/speakup/chartab
cat $HOME/characters >/proc/speakup/characters

The first 2 lines set the locale to Polish. The 3rd line slows down
the rate from what I use when using the bns in English. The last 2
lines put my speakup modifications into place, which are stored in the
user's $HOME directory of course.

If anyone else here has Polish as a second language on their bns, and
is interested in playing or improving my speakup mods, let me know,
and I'll make those files available. Hth somewhat.


On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 08:15:27AM -0800, Gaijin wrote:
> 	Hello,
> 	On your system, in the /usr/doc in the HOWTO directory (I think
> Debian still calls  it HOWTOs) there will be a Polish-HOWTO.  Type"
> $ locate Polish-HOWTO
> ...to see where it is.  You can also try:
> $ cd /usr/doc/*HOWTO* <TAB><ENTER>
> $ less Polish*   <TAB><ENTER>
> ...and it will sho you the contents of the Polish-HOWTO file.  I cannot
> read the file as it is written in Polish and do not know what it
> contains, but maybe it will help, or show you someone who can help.
> Good luck.
>         Michael
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