speakup languages

Gaijin gaijin at clearwire.net
Mon Nov 12 11:15:27 EST 2007

On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 04:17:23PM +0100, Micha? Zegan wrote:
> I have debian with speakup-2.0 and i am polish.
> In /proc/speakup directory is placed file called lang.I have apollo2 synthesizer and i want to change speakup language 
> Can i do this? How? if i can change language of my speakup, how languages are supported?
> If not, how can i tell my speakup to speak in polish language?

	On your system, in the /usr/doc in the HOWTO directory (I think
Debian still calls  it HOWTOs) there will be a Polish-HOWTO.  Type"

$ locate Polish-HOWTO

...to see where it is.  You can also try:

$ cd /usr/doc/*HOWTO* <TAB><ENTER>
$ less Polish*   <TAB><ENTER>

...and it will sho you the contents of the Polish-HOWTO file.  I cannot
read the file as it is written in Polish and do not know what it
contains, but maybe it will help, or show you someone who can help.
Good luck.


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