annoying message with wireless setup

Cheryl Homiak chomiak7737 at
Mon Nov 12 12:04:32 EST 2007

Hi all.

I've been wireless with all my computers for quite a while now; on my linux 
machines I'm using madwifi with the atheros driver. Mostly it works great 
but I have one annoying issue.

Periodically I get:
ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): ath0: link becomes ready

I don't know if this means my connection is resetting or what it means; 
I'm not having any problems remaining connected as far as I know. But this 
message shows up in the middle of files or email or browsing; it doesn't 
alter the content of a message when saved but it does make it hard for me 
to navigate. I usually can only get rid of this message by quitting the 
application I'm using and hitting enter and then restarting what I'm 
doing. It appears in all consoles. does anybody know how to suppress or 
stop this?



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