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I take it that you are saying it can be downloaded? Do you know where  
by chance?
On Nov 9, 2007, at 1:13 AM, Gaijin wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 10:17:53PM -0500, VaShaun Jones wrote:
>> Hello, I sent a message to this list introducing myself and never got
>> a response. I wanted to know what is the best distribution of Linux  
>> to
>> get that will run good with Fusion and can I download it?
> 	Hello VaShaun,
> 	I'd have replied, but I don't know what Fusion is, and as for
> which distro, I use Slackware v11, as it suppports my hardware speech
> synthesizer .  Ubuntoo should be a good choice.  It's a matter of what
> you want or need, as well as taste.  I chose Slackware because I've
> heard that it's one of the more secure distros and doesn't use RPM or
> dpkg package managers.  I plan on porting to LFS (Linux From  
> Scratch) in
> the near future, which is about as hard as Linux gets.  Maybe I'm a
> masochist, but I despise Slackware's BSD style initialization scripts.
> very disorganized, but what can you expect to come out of Berkeley  
> these
> days.  Fedora and Ubuntoo both support software speech synthesis and
> should do you well.  The Linux kernel is in the middle of a transition
> at the moment as everything seems to be moving to USB devices, and
> SpeakUp isn't quite up there yet.  Only serial speech synthesizers are
> currently supported.  Until the dust clears, or unless you have a  
> serial
> synthesizer, I recomment Ubuntoo and Fedora.  Just stick the CD in the
> drive and read the installation docs on the disk.  You'll have to look
> for the many download sites to get a copy, or just buy the CDs from
> places like CheapBytes.  If you're anything like the rest of us,  
> you'll
> go through many flavors of Linux before settling on a distro you love.
> Take care,
>        Michael
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