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Fri Nov 24 18:17:02 EST 2006

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I had problems with the partitioner too, but I need to find where to
report the bugs I found.

First off, I wanted something other than the default big / partition
formatted as ext3, but if I changed anything in the partitioner and
clicked "forward" Orca stopped speaking and even restarting it didn't
help.  Then I tried using Speakup, mkfs... and a text-based partitioner
to set things up ahead of the installer and then went to the installer
and told it to manually edit partitions and clicked forward from there.
It went to the mount point selection window, but no matter how many
times I specified where I wanted the "/" root file system it gave me the
error "no root file system" and wouldn't let me go any further.  I
decided to just stick with the defaults for now, but I have had problems
with ext3 corrupting the entire file system on a kernel panic and didn't
want to use it for that reason.  If anyone has any suggestions either
where to report this or how to get to the next step, please let me know.

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