Speech Dispatcher with Emacspeak Server

Tomas Cerha cerha at brailcom.org
Mon Nov 20 03:19:27 EST 2006

Sean Murphy wrote:
> IBM TTS speech works for a period of 5 minutes or less and then
> stops.  I have to restart Speech-dispatcher and speakupd.
> In orca, if I us the Emacspeak Outloud server, I don't have any
> problems.
> Note, the problem I have mention does occur with Orca when using
> Speech dispatcher.

Hi Sean,

I am a little confused.  You say it happens when using Orca with Speech
Dispatcher, but I guess you are also using Speakup with Speech
Dispatcher (through speechd-up) at the same time.  Are you using the IBM
TTS for both (Orca and Speakup)?  Is it, that the problem doesn't occur
when you use just Speakup and not Orca?  Could you, please, send us
Speech Dispatcher logs (preferably with a higher logging verbosity set
in Speech Dispatcher configuration)?

Thank you for cooperation, Tomas Cerha

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