orca/lsr comparison wanted

Roman ak47.ataka at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 14:42:32 EST 2006


Well... LSR is a little bit less responsive then orca. LSR speaks
different voices (pitch) for windows captions, menu items and plain
reading or messages.
I compiled manually both of them after installing all dependences. But
the last release of orca is extremely unstable, so I now use LSR. BTW, I
don't have a whole gnome environment, so may be I've something missed...
As a result, I like LSR because of stability and orca because of
responsiveness. They both read the same amount of apps.
Also LSR has more control of configuration from command line.

Both Screen Readers use festival speech system
Debian GNU/linux testing
AMD duron 1GHz 128Mb RAM


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