Problems installing Speakup Modified

Janina Sajka janina at
Sat Nov 11 14:47:04 EST 2006

Radical NetSurfer writes:
> Someone suggested that perhaps I might be able to
> download a Fedora Core 5 Kernal update package, and
> use something like RPM -Uvh to replace/update the
> existing FC-5 Kernal with the Speakup one.

Yes. In fact, this is almost the recommended method. However, don't use
-Uv, but rather -iv. That way, if there are problems with the new kernel
for any reason, the old one that is known to work will still be there
for you. Once you're comfortable that the new kernel works as well, you
can remove the old one with:

rpm -e [old.kernel.package]

When you do this, also:

1.)	Create the appropriate new initrd.img image. Consult the
instructions in the Installation HOWTO:


2.)	Edit your grub.conf as recommended in the HOWTO. At the absolute
least, make sure you understand which kernel is default, and which
kernel you point to by down/up arrow.

> Is that really possible?
> And I have not been able to find the proper download
> page for such a RPM for Fedora Core 5.

Same place as the FC6 kernels and installation images, except that
they're not linked from http, so you must use the ftp protocol:

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