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Radical NetSurfer radsurfer at
Tue Nov 7 19:34:19 EST 2006

Perhaps someone can please sterr me in the right
direction with this request:

I have the standard Fedora Core 5 working just fine
for me on 2 different machines.

As I have mentioned earlier, I happen to have both a
Double Talk ISA and a Dec Talk ISA card.

I have tried all by myself to create a plugin for
Xchat for Linux that would send all the chat text to
an appropriate card. Lets concentrate with Doubletalk

I am using an inline assembly block. It compiles
perfectly fine. The plugin is accepted and appears to
work only until I initialized the Doubletalk ISA card,
the Xchat abruptly closes.

I suspect that I need to ask permission from Linux to
be allowed to access the DMA address space that the
Doubletalk ISA card is using, and since I did not make
formal request to use these memory addresses, Linux
responds by totally shutting down Xchat IRC client.

My question is simply this:
Could I find help from someone who would be willing to
point to books on how to write proper modern linux
drivers (under Fedora Core), or to another mailing
where we can chat purely about programming issues.

I also have gaim, and use AOL's Instant Messenger.
If you would love to discuss either installation
with Speakup or Linux Programming issues, please let
me know.

Let me just mention that I have a working version of a
DLL plugin for Xchat IRC Clinet under Windows 98SE for
both the Doubletalk and the DecTalk Cards... so based
on that I know I must be on the correct track. The
situation is of course, Windows 98SE is not picky
about allowing software to access hardware without
getting special permission from the operating system.
But at least I know the inline assembly code does
indeed work properly by themselves.  My goal is to
learn how to achieve this 
success with Linux.

Thank you.


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