modprobe speakupmain hangs

luke speakup at
Wed Nov 1 17:53:59 EST 2006

I reported this problem 3 or 4 weeks ago.  Gregory Nowak was able to 
confirm that it was happening.

I was not able to get speakup running after the fact as you describe, 
although I can't say for certain that I tried that exact method.
Greg did not report getting it to work after the fact either.

I solved it by simply having speakup main compile as builtin, instead of 
as a module.

While this is untested in regards to modprobe, it would be better to use:

kill -9 $!

Than it is to use:

killall modprobe

because if any concurrent modprobes happened to be running at that time, 
you could get yourself into some trouble.



On Wed, 1 Nov 2006, Hynek Hanke wrote:

> Hello,
> we are experiencing a problem with the speakupmain module (the latest
> CVS versions with 2.6.18 kernel) on at least one machine here in
> Brailcom. I can't say much about it except for this:
> 1) Our target configuration is Speakup with the sftsyn module. We tried
> to load the modules separately and we are sure the hang happens because
> of the speakupmain module.
> 2) The modprobe hangs every time we try to do
> 	modprobe speakupmain
> and when it hangs, the /dev/sftsyn device is still not intialized.
> 3) After we killall modprobe, the /dev/sftsyn device appears and there
> comes a notice about it in syslog. The module stays loaded. It is then
> possible to load speakup_sftsyn and Speakup works just fine. I'm not
> sure if something is not missing in /proc/speakup or somewhere, but we
> didn't notice anything strange.
> 4) Trying to increase modprobe verbosity or kernel logging level reveals
> no additional information. gdb shows that the hang happens inside the
> module_init() function in modprobe.
> Our workaround is (which also illustrates the issue):
> 	modprobe speakupmain &
> 	sleep 1
> 	killall modprobe
> 	sleep 1
> 	modprobe speakup_sftsyn
> We would appreciate some help with this or some guidance about how could
> we get more information about it. Also, does someone else experience
> this issue?
> Thanks a lot,
> Hynek Hanke

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