installed Fedora Core 5 but have questions

Raul A. Gallegos raul at
Wed Jun 28 14:22:01 EDT 2006

* Willem van der Walt <wvdwalt at> [060628 09:26]:
> You need to get the key, usually downloadable from the same place, or in 
> this case, likely present on an old speakkup-modified
> Fedora cd.
> You need to import it using rpm, I forgot the syntax.

I have the syntax but I could not find it on the copy of the Fedora 
Core 3 cd I have. So I went ahead and just did rpm -ihv [kernel.rpm]

> You should see more than one listed. Cut and paste the correct name onto 
> the line:
> rpm -e kernelX
> Where X is the rest of the name.

Thanks. I did not know that trick. It definitely helped.

Raul A. Gallegos ... IliwSsmc

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