Problem getting loaded up with fedora core 5!

Janina Sajka janina at
Wed Jun 21 19:23:08 EDT 2006

At the grub prompt do:

a s

which will take you to single user mode where you can work on things. If
that fails for the same reason, do 'i' during startup to get the
opportunity to say "yes" and "no" to each module before it's loaded. You
would say "no" to usb, of course.
You'll have to be crafty to get the 'i' in on time. There's only a short
window. I'd start tapping that key every few seconds around the time
speakup starts, and keep pressing 8 on the numeric to see where you are.

Lists writes:
> Hi All,
> Any help with the below would be great.
> I added an entry into my "stab file" while in root. It was to activate a usb
> floppy drive. Now I can no longer boot up normally into linux but am told I
> have a file system error and I can hear  the usb floppy drive being
> activated. I think fedora is looking for a linux file system on a floppy
> disk. It is giving me choices to do a repair of the file system or just
> reboot which only brings me back round to the same situation again. I really
> need to edit the stab file but can't get access to it even though I am in a
> kind of root terminal. Good old speakup is still up and running however so
> at least I have speech to do what I need.However I only have read only
> permissions on anything in this area so can't do much in the way of changing
> anything.
> Here is the line I entered in the stab file:
> /dev/sda    /mnt/usbfd       auto            noauto,user 0   0
> I know I goofed on this one,*smiles*.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Paul.
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