linux vrs windows?

Tyler Littlefield compgeek13 at
Wed Jun 21 00:35:58 EDT 2006

Hello list,
I am in a heated argument onn another list, over the reasons why windows is
better than linux.
My main points are security, but they all ay that if you have the network
configured correctly, and have a harddware firewall up, it shouldn't matter.
This leads me to ask, I have always heard that security is better, besides
that windows has that horrible message queuing feature that leaddes to some
fun exploits, how is linux more secure than windows? I know its a secure
system because of resource limits and stuff, but haven't been able to really
look into security books just yet. Also, for windows, it was designed for
the basic user who just wants to come home from work, and look at there
pics, play games, chat, etc, they want everything handed to them. They can't
have an error pop up about tcp stacks, or anything like that, because 95
percent of them won't understand it, and will just click the default button,
and the other 5 percent of them will just restart the computer. (this was
excluding the people who know what they are doing) so, linux on the other
hand, is geared toward the more advanced user, it is able to ask questions
like that, and hopefully get a good answer, and if it doesn't, its the users
fault. Because of this, windows is set up for all environments, all
situations, and etc, where linux takes some configuring, at the more
advanced levels at times to get it to do what you want.
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