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It sounds like HTML has a strong lead:).  I love the ability to navigate
around with hyper links.  That's why I like HTML and info so much.  One
thing I like about info is if you're in an emacs session, you can set
bookmarks down to the row and column of any info document.  Actually,
You could do that with text files as well inside of emacs.  I just wish
we could gain the rich navigation abilities that are now currently
available with some of the Windows screen readers.  Examples: find next
headding element, next table, list, etc.  You can also navigate around
inside tables with a two dimensional view instead of everything being
spewed out in a single column.  I just don't see how this could be
achieved with speakup in the kernel and running elinks or whatever.  I
wonder if this might be easier with Gnopernicus or Orca since they are
more like applications which could scan a browser's internal buffer.

Anyway, I digress; In the case of Exim, the plain text manuals are
included in the base package and I might go ahead and add the HTML docs
as an added bonus.  By default it leaves it in the usr/doc/exim.../doc
directory so one could place them wherever wanted for typical use.  I
tend to move all my HTML docs to my internal web server and have an
index page point to them all.

On Thu, Jun 15, 2006 at 01:21:19PM -0400, Eunice wrote:
> I personally prefer HTML as that is the format I know best and use easiest 
> with navigation and all, but keep in mind at this moment I'm still a Windows 
> user; looking to build a linux machine.  My second choice would be the text 
> format.  Just my two cents; for what it's worth.  (smile)
> Eunice Klicker
> Dual Stars Softworks
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> > t curious.
> >
> > What format do you all like your online electronic documentation in?  I
> > mean as choices plain text, HTML, postscript, PDF, info (compiled from
> > teXinfo), man pages, etc.
> >
> > I'm asking this partly because I'm fixin' to build some Slackware based
> > packages for Exim and others and have a choice as to what kind of
> > documentation to include.  In particular, Exim has I think four
> > different formats available for their documentation and would be added
> > separately when installed.  I really don't wanna bloat the package with
> > four different formats so hence my question.  I'm personally torn
> > between HTML and info.  The HTML versions are easiest to include where
> > info, you have to be careful with the global dir file.
> >
> > Anyway, I just thought I'd ask to get other people's ideas on this
> > subject.  I have a Slackware compatible package for Exim 4.62 ready to
> > go as soon as I work out the manual preference.  I could actually leave
> > it as is with their plain text format and let the end user fetch the
> > other formats on their own.  I will also have Slack packages for Speech
> > Dispatcher and Speechd-up available shortly.
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