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I personally prefer HTML as that is the format I know best and use easiest 
with navigation and all, but keep in mind at this moment I'm still a Windows 
user; looking to build a linux machine.  My second choice would be the text 
format.  Just my two cents; for what it's worth.  (smile)

Eunice Klicker
Dual Stars Softworks
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> t curious.
> What format do you all like your online electronic documentation in?  I
> mean as choices plain text, HTML, postscript, PDF, info (compiled from
> teXinfo), man pages, etc.
> I'm asking this partly because I'm fixin' to build some Slackware based
> packages for Exim and others and have a choice as to what kind of
> documentation to include.  In particular, Exim has I think four
> different formats available for their documentation and would be added
> separately when installed.  I really don't wanna bloat the package with
> four different formats so hence my question.  I'm personally torn
> between HTML and info.  The HTML versions are easiest to include where
> info, you have to be careful with the global dir file.
> Anyway, I just thought I'd ask to get other people's ideas on this
> subject.  I have a Slackware compatible package for Exim 4.62 ready to
> go as soon as I work out the manual preference.  I could actually leave
> it as is with their plain text format and let the end user fetch the
> other formats on their own.  I will also have Slack packages for Speech
> Dispatcher and Speechd-up available shortly.
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