crashing hard drive

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Sun Jun 11 02:12:58 EDT 2006

I guess the other answer, is to use a drive imaging programme to burn 
the drive image to a cd, or simply get into the situation where you 
are able to clone the old drive to a new one.  However, you did 
mention that there are some bad sectors.

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>To answer your question, most likely you can just use tar to backup the
>system and then use it again on the new drive. Don't do this while the
>system is running though or weird things will happen. There are two
>cases when you won't be able to simply use tar:
>1. If you are using extended attributes/acl's on the filesystem, or
>2. If you are using some sort of program that uses inode numbers for
>accessing stuff. (mail system would be the culprit here if anything)
>In either case, you wanna use something like dump or xfsdump or similar
>tools that will preserve that stuff. But most likely you can just tar
>with the understanding that you may have to fix up your mail queue
>afterwords. No matter how you do it, make sure to use a cd to do it. Do
>not tar up or dump a running system.
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>And so it came to pass that on Sat, 10 Jun 2006, Raul A. Gallegos said
> > Hi gang. Currently I'm running FC3 on a machine which has 2 hard
> > Both are 40gb. the first hd is the root /usr/local and /var partitions
> > while the second one is all 40gb of /home.
> >
> > It appears that the hard drive is about to crash because I'm starting
> > get unreadable hda errors some give a sector it cannot read others say
> > unknown errors. In any case the system is not acting right and the hdd
> > is kind of old.
> >
> > So now to my question. If I get another 40gb hdd which I do have one
> > Can I simply transfer the stuff from the one to the other either by
> > using tar saving all permissions? Or should I reinstall the os on the
> > new hdd and just redo all my settings.
> >
> > Right now the mail system I use is vpostmaster which is a combo of
> > postgres for the mail, spam, user accounts, passwords, etc and it puts
> > all it's maildir mail in /var/spool/vpostmaster. If I reinstall the
> > whole os I can easily save that directory not losing mail but I'd have
> > to recreate the accounts after reinstalling vpostmaster.
> >
> > I'm fine in doing this because if I needed to I could use another os
> > a new Fedora. But in case I do stick with FC3 will simply transferring
> > all the hard drive stuff work?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> >
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