getting orca included in gnome 2.16

Justin Ekis jekis at
Sat Jun 10 15:11:39 EDT 2006

On Sat, Jun 10, 2006 at 12:21:54PM -0400, Janina Sajka wrote:
> Are they also prepared to have only one web browser? ONly one media
> player? ONly one word processor? Only one email client application?
If I understand correctly, they are talking about inclusion in the 
official desktop release. and that is exactly the situation. 
epiphany is the web browser, totem is the media player, gedit is the 
word processor and evolution is the email application. 
Look at

> The day may come when there is but one screen reader on the GUI desktop,
> but I rather doubt it given that both Gnome and KDE are likely to remain
> with us. However, to proactively restrict inclusion while all manner of
> other (sometimes only half-baked) applications are included rankles.
They said the GNOME desktop. The GNOME desktop release seems to have 
exactly one of everything and I doubt any of it is half baked. If it's 
not in that directory it's not included in the official desktop.

> Frankly, it's an insult. This kind of grudging support for accessibility needs to be stopped
> right now. In fact, it's a stretch to even call it "support."
>From my reading of the mailing lists, the new version of yelp was
held out of  at least one and I think two desktop releases because it 
had accessibility regressions. That sounds like support to me.

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