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Willem van der Walt wvdwalt at csir.co.za
Fri Jun 9 07:42:51 EDT 2006

I got a simelar message reasently when I upgraded packages under Debian.
It has to do with the access-list.  I had to change a line that said:
to localhost.localdom
Or something along those lines.
You can also run a test from the speech-dispatcher's src/tests directory.
I think it is ./run-test basic.test
That test your speech-dispatcher without you having to use speechd_up to 
test it with.
HTH, Willem

On Fri, 9 Jun 2006, Charles Hallenbeck wrote:

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> Can someone please look at this and suggest what I am doing wrong? I am
> using a Debian distro and have have speech-dispatcher 0.6 working fine
> with flite and espeak. I now want to see how it works with festival. I
> have installed festival and associated packages from Debian package
> archives, and have verified that it works in the interactive mode, as
> well as command line mode with the --tts option.
> Here is my problem. When I activate the festival daemon and make the
> necessary modifications to speechd.confand festival.conf in
> speech-dispatcher, and also to /etc/festival.scm, switching to sftsyn in
> speakup does not produce speech. I can reactivate speech by switching
> back to my ltlk driver.
> Here is the relevant speech-dispatcher.log info:
> [Fri Jun 9 06:33:50 2006 : 796748] speechd: ERROR: Module festival
> failed to initialize. Reason:
> ---------------
> Communicating with Festival through a socket. Can't connect to Festival
> server. Check your configuration in etc/speechd-modules/festival.conf
> for the specified host and port and check if Festival is really running
> there, e.g. with telnet. Please see documentation for more info.
> So, I did that. The relevant lines from the speech-dispatcher
> festival.conf module are these:
> FestivalServerHost  "hq.hhs48.com"
> FestivalServerPort   1314
> and from /etc/festival.scm  are these lines:
> (require 'speech-dispatcher)
> (defvar server_access_list '(hq\.hhs\.com))
> (defvar server_port 1314)
> Now, when I try connecting to the server with telnet, I get this:
> hq:~# telnet hq.hhs48.com 1314
> Trying
> Connected to hq.hhs48.com.
> Escape character is '^]'.
> Connection closed by foreign host.
> The connection is closed immediately. Something is running on 1314,
> since if it were not, I would get a "connection refused" error. And the
> festival server has a process ID, and can be restarted when changes are
> made to its configuration, acquiring a new PID. But speech-dispatcher
> can't connect to it, and telnet cannot connect either.
> Can someone spot something I am overlooking? I would appreciate any
> suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Chuck
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