speech server for the keynote gold sa.

Shaun Everiss shaun.e at xtra.co.nz
Fri Apr 15 13:54:30 EDT 2005

Hi all.
Is there or will there bee a server for the keynote gold sa.
Why I ask.
Well When I got speakup I got also some second hand synths.
One is a dectalk express.
Speech is good.
But for one thing.
Either the serial cord which is a bit exposed or the power pack is loose or something inside is loose or brocken but I have to be vary carefull when placing the unit and sometime have to tap it twice or so to make it work.
I have a keynote gold, which except for a slightly brocken speaker cover, still works.
I know you have keynote gold pc support, but not the sa.
It would bee good if There was support for the keynote sa though.
I am a beginner of linux and must use it for course.
I was planning to use fedora on a old laptop system which works well for the course and onwards, but this synth issue may decide that future.
If by the end of my course, 3 months well realy 6 weeks or so, 8 if you count the holidays I don't find a solution, then I wil not use linux on it, I can't trust the synth.
The thing is I didn't spend any cash to get the synths, the cd images.
or anything.
The only money I spent was the hundred dollars for the second hand system and the 50 or so dollars on ebay for its power supply.
I don't realy want to spend for stuff I don't need.
A would like to use isn't actually a I will need as in a few weeks or so, the course will end.
I will not need linux at that time.
I would like it but will not need it.

also, how do I slow my speech rate down in speakup?
And while I am on the subject of synths, can I turn the pitch down?
And can I select the other voices in dectalk?
thanks in advance.

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