Michael Whapples Mikster4 at
Mon Apr 11 07:54:25 EDT 2005

I can't make any comments on whether freedombox does track activities and 
add to the spam problems.
I think it is a great shame that there is no plan to build support for 
festival or flite into the linux version of freedom box. I really dislike 
the dectalk voices and find those harder to understand than festival. Trying 
to include support for speech-dispatcher if possible might be a good 
solution (I don't know whether it would meet the technical requirements or 
not). The comment about using freedombox if it was free with festival as a 
synth, well I wouldn't use dectalk even if it was free, so the price wasn't 
coming into it there.
You can see where the emphasis is in the company, there is not even a 
comment about linux in the information about freedombox on their website 
(not even a mention in listing operating systems, would it be too much to 
just have it say "works with windows 98 or later, or linux"). Due to that, 
if I had found it by searching the internet, I would not even have bothered 
looking further.
Michael Whapples
"An optimist is someone who has never had much experience" 

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